Saturday, 16 January 2010

Shoes Glorious Shoes!!!! <3


i have just bought two new pair of shoes!!

:) :) :)

well because i love shoes and just can not resist, they practically scream buy meee!!!

In my opinion they are gorgeous...

These are from Faith and were in the saless.. They are really comfy and will go with most outfits, just fell in love with them and were a great price at £40 and i think they were £80-£85 pounds :)


Well this is definatly a WOW shoe!

Iwouldnt have even thought about buying these, but i looked at them and thought go on try them on they might look nice.

and they are different....

and well i fell in love with them aswell :P

They are not like any other shoe i have bought and i think they really will be a statement to an outfit! These are from Topshop and unfortunatly were not on sale and were a hefty price of £120!!

They also do them in Black and silver which are alsoo gorgeous!

:) :) :)

i <3 shoess!!!!

A product i just can not stop using!! <3

lately I've been getting really dry and chapped lips, but I've never found a lip balm/protector that helps heal them.. normally they just cover the lips with a coating of product and they still feel dry! :(
Ive found the perfect product for me and hopefully for you too!
Its Hemp lip protector from the body shop, its £4 which is bargain because its amazing! makes your lips feel so soft and its stop my lips from hurting, i really would rate it the best I've tried!
<3 it!

Next I'm going to try the Hemp body butter from body shop, can not wait to see the results! If you have tried any of these products let me know what u thought! :) :) I'm a happy bunny anyway!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Sugar Exfoliator <3

Yesterday i really needed to exfoliate my face, i had no shop bought products to do so.
I thought id try using sugar!
It was absolutely perfect for what i needed and had to share this with you!
All you need:
  • sugar
  • water
Simply take a small amount of sugar using the tips of your fingers and wet it slightly so the texture is a gritty paste. Apply this to the face using small light circular movements. Making sure you do this evenly, not forgetting the pores on your nose and chin. then rinse with warm water and again with cold. pat dry your face.
Its as simple as that.
The all important results....
My skin was sooo smooth and soft i couldn't stop touching it, i really shocked myself with how good it was. I have sensitive skin and also eczema and it was not harsh on my skin at all.
If you find this to harsh for your skin simply add more water for a smoother texture, this shouldn't be as tough on the skin.
I really reccomend you try this, i certainly will be using it again!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Review - Olive oil Hair treatment <3

Last night i decided to try the olive oil hair treatment which was suggested by Imogen Foxy locks.

I have never had a colour in my hair, but it is fairly damaged by my GHD'S and hairdryer, i think the cold weather has dried it out too. So i thought id give this treatment a try.

Imogen suggested using latex gloves to prevent your hands from getting greasy, I chosen not too, because.. well i did not have any in the house. My hands did get greasy but its nothing that can not be washed off easy, plus i felt i had more control and could feel where i was putting the olive oil.

At first, I used about a 50p size amount of olive oil and rubbing it into my hands to prevent it from dripping. I ran this though my hair and repeated until i felt my hair was covered evenly. I then used a comb and combed it through just to make sure it was evenly spread.

I tied my hair back into a bun, and used a mesh cap and facial head band to keep all the hair in, over the top of this i used a turbie towel. To be honest half way through the night mine fell off, wasnt really much off a problem because my hair was not saturated with olive oil.

When washing my hair i decided to do two washes to be on the safe side and a small amount of conditioner which a ran through the ends... I used Redken Real control shampoo and conditioner (Below).

The all important results...

I have to say my hair feels so soft and smooth, even before blow drying. The shine is quite remarkable too. My ends are much more compact, and my hair generally feels stronger, i really can feel the difference.

I think it may need 2 or more treatments to really feel and see the benefits.

Ill be definatly doing this again <3