Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Review - Olive oil Hair treatment <3

Last night i decided to try the olive oil hair treatment which was suggested by Imogen Foxy locks.

I have never had a colour in my hair, but it is fairly damaged by my GHD'S and hairdryer, i think the cold weather has dried it out too. So i thought id give this treatment a try.

Imogen suggested using latex gloves to prevent your hands from getting greasy, I chosen not too, because.. well i did not have any in the house. My hands did get greasy but its nothing that can not be washed off easy, plus i felt i had more control and could feel where i was putting the olive oil.

At first, I used about a 50p size amount of olive oil and rubbing it into my hands to prevent it from dripping. I ran this though my hair and repeated until i felt my hair was covered evenly. I then used a comb and combed it through just to make sure it was evenly spread.

I tied my hair back into a bun, and used a mesh cap and facial head band to keep all the hair in, over the top of this i used a turbie towel. To be honest half way through the night mine fell off, wasnt really much off a problem because my hair was not saturated with olive oil.

When washing my hair i decided to do two washes to be on the safe side and a small amount of conditioner which a ran through the ends... I used Redken Real control shampoo and conditioner (Below).

The all important results...

I have to say my hair feels so soft and smooth, even before blow drying. The shine is quite remarkable too. My ends are much more compact, and my hair generally feels stronger, i really can feel the difference.

I think it may need 2 or more treatments to really feel and see the benefits.

Ill be definatly doing this again <3

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