Monday, 11 January 2010

Sugar Exfoliator <3

Yesterday i really needed to exfoliate my face, i had no shop bought products to do so.
I thought id try using sugar!
It was absolutely perfect for what i needed and had to share this with you!
All you need:
  • sugar
  • water
Simply take a small amount of sugar using the tips of your fingers and wet it slightly so the texture is a gritty paste. Apply this to the face using small light circular movements. Making sure you do this evenly, not forgetting the pores on your nose and chin. then rinse with warm water and again with cold. pat dry your face.
Its as simple as that.
The all important results....
My skin was sooo smooth and soft i couldn't stop touching it, i really shocked myself with how good it was. I have sensitive skin and also eczema and it was not harsh on my skin at all.
If you find this to harsh for your skin simply add more water for a smoother texture, this shouldn't be as tough on the skin.
I really reccomend you try this, i certainly will be using it again!

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