Saturday, 16 January 2010

Shoes Glorious Shoes!!!! <3


i have just bought two new pair of shoes!!

:) :) :)

well because i love shoes and just can not resist, they practically scream buy meee!!!

In my opinion they are gorgeous...

These are from Faith and were in the saless.. They are really comfy and will go with most outfits, just fell in love with them and were a great price at £40 and i think they were £80-£85 pounds :)


Well this is definatly a WOW shoe!

Iwouldnt have even thought about buying these, but i looked at them and thought go on try them on they might look nice.

and they are different....

and well i fell in love with them aswell :P

They are not like any other shoe i have bought and i think they really will be a statement to an outfit! These are from Topshop and unfortunatly were not on sale and were a hefty price of £120!!

They also do them in Black and silver which are alsoo gorgeous!

:) :) :)

i <3 shoess!!!!


  1. Those faith shoes are gorgeous!
    Good luck with the blogging x

  2. 2nd pair are simply gorge x

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